Solar Pool Heating Systems

It is unbelievable how much a swimming pool costs to maintain, especially if you need to heat it so it

can be used in cold days or climates. The only way to do this economically and logically is by using

solar pool heating systems which you can either install yourself or have it installed. The pros and cons

are usually economics in nature: they can get expensive if you ask a company install it.

However, if you can afford to keep and maintain a pool, then having installers do it would be no

problems, unless you are the type who likes to dabble in DIY projects which makes it more fulfilling

for you.


Benefits of a solar pool heating system installed are economical in nature: it will drop the utilities bills

up to 50%. That is good savings considering that the other things needed to maintain the pool can also

be expensive.


The important thing is the area where the solar panels are to be installed. Some are placed on top of

shingled roofs; others may just place a strip somewhere else. In cases where the roof is tiles, the panels

have to be glued on the tiles themselves. Having professionals do this is a better option as it can be

dangerous work and if you don’t really know how this works, you’ll just end up destroying not only the

panels but the roof as well.


Other panels can just be placed on the ground and will not need a solid iron rack that normally goes on

the roofs. These are easier to install and does not pose a lot of danger of breaking panels on tiles. Also,

all these panels are fully repairable. Some of the panels can actually get damaged during the shipping

and handling, or get damaged by the elements.


The next important thing to consider after the solar panels are installed and connected to the pool, are

the pool covers. It is best to get a good pool cover to conserve the heat in the water, simply leaving it

out when not in use is an inefficient move as this will just let the heat get out.


Select the solar pool heating system that is best for your needs and contribute to the welfare of the

saving of the environment as well as lower the costs of bills. Heated water is comfortable especially if

the weather is cool or cold and for those who may need physical therapy.


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