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5.0 out of 5 stars What a great product!, May 27, 2017
Huy A Nguyen
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My pool has never been this warm! At first I was hesitant to make this purchase because I didn't believe a piece of plastic can heat up a pool.

I've looked into hearing the pool from gas heaters to heaters mounted on the roof. I decided to give the solar blanket a try because it was within my budget.

Before installing the solar blanket, the pool was 71 degrees which is too cold for swim. The first day after installing the solar blanket the pool climbed up to 74 degrees. The next couple of days the weather was in the high 80s. The pool climbed 76, 78, and 80. The highest it reached was 86.

I would've never imagined my pool ever getting this warm without expensive equipment and a large utility bill.

The solar blanket was easier to cut then I had thought. Used a new scissor and it sliced it like a hot knife through butter.

The instructions and explanation of warranty was well written. I will definitely purchase this again!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Works better than I expected., May 3, 2016
Honez (California)
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I bought the big one 20'X40'. It arrived on time, well packaged. The material feels adequate; I.E. it doesn't feel cheap. I found it easy to trim.

So, how good goes it work?
A lot better than I expected. I put the cover on the pool at approximately 8am. The floating thermometer registered 62 degrees. By the end of the day, the pool registered 68 degrees. Please note that I am using a floating thermometer and the top layers of the water warm faster than the bottom layers. After about a week of use, and moderately cold weather the pool got to 72 degrees. Yesterday we had a nice, hot day the the thermometer registered 80 degrees.

Before I got the cover no one in their right mind would have gone in the pool. Last weekend we had the family over and the pool was very popular. If this cover only lasts one season, I would be happy.

I am a new pool owner without a lot of experience, so I had no idea on what to expect. But this was a good buy.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great value and an excellent investment in your pool, August 7, 2017
JulieCD (Long Beach)
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As one who has used pool covers for the past ten years, I can attest that this is an excellent product. I know that your thinking "how is one pool cover better than another?" Two main reasons: One is that the seams are well sealed. I've had covers where the seams started to become unsealed within a few weeks. Second, it is a precise rectangle. That may seem unimportant but for someone who has rolled up a pool cover at least a thousand times, I can tell you from experience that covers that are off by even a couple inches makes the process of rolling up the cover rather tedious and time consuming. This one I can roll up in maybe 60-75 seconds. Rolling up a pool cover is a pain in the first place but if you know you can do it quickly and efficiently then it makes that spur of the moment midnight dip in the pool that much more likely!

For those of you on the fence concerning a pool cover, let me tell you the benefits I've noticed. 1. You can heat your pool... Read more

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